IWA14 Terra 180° Swing Barrier


TERRA rating for everybody...



Performances TERRA 

Will stop a vehicule of 7 500 kg launched at 48km/h


The rising barrier is designed not only to regulate access to a site, but also to prevent intrusion from a forced. The Terra Manual Barrier is like any other parking barrier, but in reality, she is able to stop a 7500 kg vehicle launched at 48 km / h. She has been crash tested and certified BSI PAS 68.It proves to be ideal for regularly vandalized sites (too easily neutralized barriers) and who do not want an access control too visually aggressive. 

The Terra Manual Barrier is a PAS 68 counterbalanced barrier ideal for remote locations where no power is available.


Mechanically welded structure in high strength steel. Circular section tube lattice hollow high strength steel.



Length of Barrier TERRA MANUAL from 2 to 4,5 m
Height of Barrier TERRA MANUAL                       1000 mm
Civil depth  500 mm
Type of usage Punctual use


Certifications PAS 68 : 7500 [N2]/48 /90 : 0.0 /0.0

Classement TERRA : 2/5


Understand the certificate PAS 68

Crash test results

How to read the results PAS 68

Weight of vehicle    7 500kg
Classe of vehicle  [N2]
Speed of impact 48 km/h
Angle of impact 90°
 Penetration of vehicle 0.0 m
 Projection de débris 0.0 m

Access Control

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PAS DE TRADUCTION POUR produit_utilisations_58

Types of sites

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