How to read the results ?

After the crash test, numerous measurements are taken and describe the resistance of the equipments.

The results are written as follow : 7500[N3]/80/90:2.3/4.0 (example).

Results 7500[N3]/80/90:2.3/4.0 Notes
Vehicle weight 7 500 kg
Weight of the test vehicle: 7500kg
Vehicle type

[M1] : car

[N1] : van

[N2] : Heavyweight charged (total weight = 7.5t)

[N3] : Heavyweight unloaded, higher frame (total weight = 7.5t)

Impact speed
80 km/h Speed of vehicle at the point of impact :50 km/h ; 64 km/h ; 80 km/h
Angle of test impact
90° Angle between the trajectory of the vehicle and the equipment at the point of impact
Vehicle penetration
2.3 m
Length over which the vehicle has penetrated into the site
Debris landed beyond impact point
4.0 m

Dispersal distance of major debris


The crash test was conducted with a 7 500kg N3 truck (high chassis). Upon impact, the vehicle reached a speed of 80 km/h and was oriented at an angle of 90° (frontal impact). The vehicle penetrated 2.3 m into the site after obstacle. Debris were thrown up to 4.0 m after the obstacle (on site).