BSI PAS 68 European certification

The high security level guarantee

In short …

BSI PAS 68 certification is a European standard which qualifies the performance of perimeter security equipment. It consists in frontal impact crash tests and is issued by independent organizations that perform their own crash tests.This certification was developed by the British government in partnership with perimeter security equipment manufacturers, in order to optimize the protection of highly sensitive sites in the country.

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How does it work ?

The equipments are tested by engineers specialized in the crash test. Numerous measurements are taken during the crash test in order to evaluate the equipments performance. The test is successful when the vehicle is stopped.These crash tests allow determine what security level each product can provide.

It’s a real guide and guarantee for our customers according to their requirements.

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Who is it for ?

PAS 68 certification is bound for high security sites such as embassies, prisons, oil and chemical complexes, banks, jewelers, government buildings, military bases, airports, industries, businesses, nuclear power stations, money belt, car dealerships, warehouses, ammunition depots, borders, etc..

What is its market value ?

The BSI PAS 68 help perimeter security projects ensure the viability and resistance of our equipments. High precision cameras, access protection, fences, all elements of the complex must be designed to ensure a high level of security. Internationally, this certification is often compared to the American standard DOS (Department of State) with K12, K8 and K4 classes.

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